Organic products

The organic farming and us

At Palais d’Ebène, we are particularly interested in actions that can be taken to preserve the environment.

This is why we decided several years ago, to manufacture our chocolates with raw materials derived from organic farming. We have been selling organic products for more than ten years. We carefully select each component according to its qualities (flavors, textures, appearance). The goal is to develop eco-friendly products, while preserving our traditional know-how.

No synthetic chemicals (flavor enhancers, preservatives, colorants) are incorporated into our cocoa butter preparations.

An organic certified product must respect the numerous rules imposed by the certifying body, from its production to its marketing.

For example, raw materials must be distinguished by a method of production based on: Non-use of synthetic chemicals, Non-use of GMOs, Non-ionization guaranty, Recycling of organic matter.

Today, our products bearing the “AB” label are subject to certification by Bureau Veritas Certification. Its role is to ensure strict compliance with organic farming standards. Regular checks of our products are carried out.

The attribution of this certificate is a guarantee of safety and quality for the consumer.

For all these reasons we can proudly display on our entire range, the European logo and the French logo, certifying that our products come from organic farming.